Save Money on Brand Name Clothing

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So I worked retail for over a year. I thought I had it made. Not only could I see all the new styles as they came out, but I also had a 50% discount! Not many places offer this great of a discount. Even with this amazing perk, I hardly ever used it. You know why? Clothing is marked up significantly. The reason why this has affected my using my discount is that I’ve gotten better deals shopping the clearance rack. I did have a bit of an advantage, being able to see when prices were lowered or when things went to clearance. But, truthfully, if you want to shop at somewhat higher end stores but don’t want to break the bank, shop clearance.The clearance rack has the same stuff that was displayed in the front. It just doesn’t appeal to the eye as much because it’s shoved between other clothes on the rack.

The best way to keep on top of sales is to come in to the stores often. You don’t have to buy, but it helps in knowing when things go on sale. Also, ask when their shipment comes in. Most of the time items get marked down to make room for new product. This is the best time to look at clearance and also see what new merchandise is available before it is picked clean.

Some stores consistently offer an extra percentage off of the clearance items. Keep an eye on how often that changes. My store almost always had 40% sale. Sometimes it would go higher or lower, but most of the time it was consistent.

If you have good credit, another way to save is with credit cards. Some stores offer a percentage off if you open a card, which can be significant depending on how much you spend. Also, stores will have exclusive sales for card holders or you can accumulate point which equal cash as you use the card. As long as you pay it off immediately, this can be a big money saver. My rule with cards is if it doesn’t benefit me now, I won’t apply. Every time you get a new credit card, it puts a dent in your credit; a small one, but if you keep opening cards, it can add up.

There are times, however, when you shouldn’t wait for something to go on clearance. Somethings are so popular, they never go on clearance. That’s where you have to determine, iss this dress worth waiting to see if it goes cheaper? Are they consistently running out of sizes for this particular item? Is this item unique or do they have a lot of similar items? If you love something enough, that is when you splurge. But, if you are just looking to fill your closet with some needed or not so needed items, clearance is the way to go.


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