LE TOTE – Clothing JACKPOT!!!

Okay, so I think I just hit the clothing jackpot! I discovered this site which is absolutely AMAZING! Just to clear it up now, I am not getting paid to write this post.

Le Tote is, in a sense, a rental company for clothes! Why am I so excited about it? I’m excited for several reasons:

  1. $59 per month for unlimited rentals.
  2. They send you 5 pieces of brand name clothing and accessories.
  3. You can wear/use them as long as you want then send them back for a new box of clothes/accessories. They come within a few days.
  4. If you like one of the items, you can buy it for half the retail cost.
  5. Clothing choices are update every couple weeks.


If you are like me, you love buying new clothes but you tend to get bored of them quickly. I get frustrated after I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars on new clothes, only to get bored of them weeks later.

Now I haven’t yet tried Le Tote out yet, but I am super excited to and plan to write about my experience. So, to be continued….


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