KIDNAPPED!! Escape Room

My husband and I tried out this local Escape Room. I’ve really been wanting to try it, having been hearing about them frequently. I found a deal on Living Social and my husband and I decided to give it a try last night.

There were several themes. The one we chose was called “Kidnapped!”. Basically you are kidnapped by some crazed serial killer. You are put in handcuffs and chained to the wall in the dark. The idea is we had to escape before he comes back to saw us in half in an hour. We were paired with another group of 4 people.

It was really fun if you like puzzles. There were several puzzles we had to solve and they weren’t just laid out for us. We had to use flashlights, black lights, find keys, unlock drawers, etc. I can definitely see this being a great team building exercise because, in order to escape, we all had to contribute are ideas and discoveries. Wasn’t sure we could do it, but we ended up escaping just shy of 3 minutes before we were MURDERED!! (57:15)

Now, I’ve got the bug! I would love to do it again. This particular one had 3 other themes:

American Revolution – You are in prison, accused of treason and about to be executed by a firing squad.

Arcade – You are trapped in an arcade with the crazy arcade owner who want to play a “game” with you (kinda sounds like the movie Saw).


Trapped in a Room with a Zombie (yes, the actual name) – Where…wait for it…you are trapped in a room with a zombie! He is chained to the wall and the chains get longer every 5 minutes.

It was very creative, who ever came up with this concept. Who knew you could make money off of locking people up in a room (voluntarily) for an hour?




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