12 Things You May Not Have Known About Victoria’s Secret

This is what I knew/thought I knew about Victoria’s Secret before doing a bit of research. My knowledge stemmed from casual conversation with friends. I had been told that the man who founded the company, named it after his wife. I had also heard that he committed suicide because his wife cheated on him. That was about all I knew in regards to VS besides the famous fashion show on TV and that they are in about every mall. Out of curiosity, I decided to research the company a bit. Below is a list of thing that I, at least, didn’t know about the company.

Victoria’s Secret

  1. Founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond
  2. The idea for the store came out of Raymond’s experience of feeling out of place when he was shopping for lingerie for his wife. Victoria’s Secret was suppose to address that issue and make it easier for men to shop.
  3. There was a catalog (I guess everything before 2000 had a catalog lol)
  4. Roy Raymond actually named the store after either Queen Victoria or the Victorian era (inspired by the Victorian style of his home). Not sure which one is true, but either way it was not named after his wife, who’s name is actually Gaye. The “Secret” was to suggest what was underneath the clothes.
  5. Victoria’s Secret first opened in Palo Alto, CA in the Stanford Shopping Center.
  6. Victoria’s Secret had 5 successful stores when Roy Raymond sold the company for $1 million in 1982.
  7. In trying to recreate his success, Raymond founded a children’s store called My Child’s Destiny, which went bankrupt in 1986.
  8. Roy Raymond committed suicide at the age of 47, shortly after his divorce with Gaye in 1993, jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.
  9. The Catwalk Shows (Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) initially started in 1995 with already established models, including Tyra Banks and Helena Christensen.
  10. In the first year, Victoria’s Secret mad $500,000. They now make an annual revenue of $ 12,500,000,000.
  11. To be a VS model, you must be at a minimum height of 5′ 8″.
  12. The average weight of a VS model is 112 lbs.

Is there anything I didn’t mention that you think is interesting? Let me know!

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