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Le Tote Reviews

With bated breath, I waited for my Le Tote box full of “new” clothes to arrive. Well, it came! The box I subscribed for, a week ago, showed up at my front door last Thursday and I am very happy with it. I had a slight fear of what I might find based on the few negative reviews I read. To my joy, all the pieces looked and felt well taken care of; there was nothing broken or torn. I liked each piece and they all fit well.

I replaced the original 5 pieces they chose for me with others that were available to ship. You may ask, “Shouldn’t the site pick items you like based off your style profile?” The answer would be yes. However, the first 5 pieces were picked from my initial input. My “closet” has grown far more extensive since then.

I’m pulling out my inner model/photographer (and having a little fun while I’m at it) and modeling the clothing and accessories I received in my Le Tote Box. Got a little lazy later on.


DKNYC Foil Glitz Tank:

This one I absolutely loved. It felt brand new. The fabric was nice and light, and I loved the silver and gold mix.

Octavia & Co. Modern Marbled Necklace

This one was another favorite. I love the marble and gold. This one was in great condition.



Tart Stone Blazer

This one was really comfortable and cute! Not one I would choose to purchase new, but nice to wear as a change of pace. This one did look a little worn, but as you can see it isn’t apparent at all.

Clement Diamond Dust Earrings

Not much to say about these except that they are BEAUTIFUL!



Ava Easton Wrap Dress

This one was cute and comfortable, but again not one I’d choose to buy full price. Looked cute on but not really my style. That’s the benefit of Le Tote. You don’t have to buy things if you aren’t in love with them (well, you don’t have to buy anything at all). I don’t think I will end up wearing the dress out this go-round. Though it looked good on, I felt a bit over dressed for my job.

Overall I’m pretty happy. Everything looked great. If you look carefully you can see signs of having been washed, but they were really well taken care of.

Which ones did you like the best?

Have any of you tried a different consignment/ rental site that you liked?


I appreciate your comments and feel free to follow my blog if you like what you read.

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