CAUTION: Duck Crossing

Thursday morning I was running behind, getting ready for work. I had stayed up later than I should and was exhausted. It was absolutely a coffee morning, so I thought I’d take a quick detour and pick up some at Panera. I got dressed, took my dog for a walk and left.

When I arrived at Panera, I parked in the 15 minute parking, ordered my coffee and headed back to my car. I had just set my coffee on top of my car, to allow a free hand to find my keys, when I was startled by a subtle but loud honk of a semi. I had presumed that they honked at the car in front of them because the car hadn’t turned left when the light was green, but that wasn’t the case (completely…).

I was about to readjust my attention back to finding my keys when I noticed something in the road. The car that had missed the light, had been avoiding three baby mallards (ducklings) that were crossing the road behind their mother. They were waddling across the street as cars were carefully maneuver around them, trying to avoid hitting them.

I was so in awe with how adorable this site was but I also stared with worry and anticipation, hoping that the cars were paying attention to the unusual obstical in the road. I continued to watch this small feathered family making their way across the street until the mother and her babies had finally stepped onto the side walk, not at all phased by the massive machinery that threatened to keep them from their destination. A rise of relief and joy swept over my face as I proceeded to get into my car.

Do you have a similar story? I have, at least, one more…and it involves geese.



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