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Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Weddings can get very expensive. The average wedding cost in 2015 was $32,641!!

When I married my husband, I was blessed to have my parents paying for the wedding. But, they still didn’t want to spend $30,000+ on a 1 day event, as big as the event might be.

I made it a challenge to still get what I wanted for my wedding, but to save money while doing it.

Here are some ideas and tips to save money on your wedding.



You’ve probably all heard of booking a venue during the off season.

What you may not have thought of is sacrificing a few things. What does the venue offer that you can negotiate out of the cost?

This may not be an option for you, but with my wedding, I was able to book this GORGEOUS outdoor venue for cheap.

The reason why? They didn’t allow alcohol for insurance reasons, and they didn’t book events on Saturday.


NETWORK! Ask around. You may find deals or wonderful inexpensive bakeries and patisseries if you talk to friends and family.

In my case, I met a woman through work that made cakes for weddings as a hobby. I saved about 3 times the cost of a cake bought from a “professional”.


Pick food that isn’t typical wedding food.

Jake and I had Greek food at our wedding and everyone loved it!

If you aren’t afraid to take a risk, ask a small local restaurant if they do/can cater.

The restaurant that catered our wedding had never catered a wedding before, but the wife of the owner had a background in catering.

The food went off without a hitch and we saved a lot of money.


Make them!

Since it was still technically Summer, I chose to make programs that doubled as fans.

I found this nice pearl like card-stock for a great deal and printed the programs with my personal printer (I might suggest going to a print store).

I stamped them with a floral stamp in one of my wedding colors (lavender) and tied a bow at the base in my other color (guava).


Buy wholesale flowers and choose flowers that are in season. It is far cheaper to buy flowers in season then out.

Again, network!

My mom had a friend that was a florist at one point. She was able to design them at a fraction of the cost.


Try to do as much of it yourself prior to the wedding.

Find an idea on a fairly simple arrangement you can realistically put together. Don’t choose something, too, extravagant. It will stress you out more then help.

Our florist helped put the centerpieces together at the venue, but before that, we bought a bunch of used milk glass vases, spray painted picture frames, and wrapped books in decorative paper.




Have the Brides Maids/ Grooms Men drive.

Personally I don’t see the need to arrive extravagantly when the guests aren’t even there yet.

If you are going to splurge, rent a limo for your exit. Much cheaper than all day.

Invitations/Save The Dates

Again, make them.

Stores sell the blank cards. Take them to your local print shop and have them print them.

I sort of wish I had done mine differently. But, with how short of time I had to plan (4 months) I thought it would be smart to somewhat combine the Save the Date and the Invitations.

They turned out fine, but it was basically just an invitation.

Looking back, I wish I had done more of a traditional invitation, but you be the judge.



Create your own playlist and have a trusted friend be in charge (make sure you have plenty of music to last longer than you expect).

Most everyone has that friend/family member who can take hold of a room. They are funny, loud, confident and easily entertain everyone in the room. Choose them to be the MC (if they are willing).

We chose to use our Best Man as our MC, and he did a great job! Even when we ended up not having a microphone (another story).


Go to the cosmetic section at a department store.

Though some, like Mac, will charge you to do makeup, some will be glad to do it for free. Just be HONEST!

I went to the Clinique counter and spoke a really nice young girl. I told her that I was looking to have my makeup done for my wedding (and engagement photos).

She was very happy to oblige; even excited.


Engagement/Wedding photos

Scour the internet for blogs, Facebooks, Instagrams of up and coming photographers still trying to make a name for themselves.

They will be happy to photograph your wedding for the opportunity and at a smaller cost. You will also be helping someone grow their business.

I hope these ideas helped and inspired you for your own wedding.

Here are some more pictures from my wedding

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos are courtesy of Betsy Jaskilka at Framed Living


Do you have any Ideas on how to save money on a wedding? Leave a comment below.

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