How to Beat the Monday Blues at Work

Oh the Monday Blues…I sit here staring at my computer, wishing it was still the weekend.

I’m tired, grumpy and not feeling up to accomplishing anything at all (which, in turn, makes me feel very unproductive).

I was thinking to myself, “Do I really want to spend the day unmotivated, tired and grumpy, feeling like this day is predetermined to be bad?”

Of course, my answer is no. But, sometimes, it is much easier to just accept that today is going to be a bad day rather than do something about it. Or is it?

It is like working out. You don’t really want to do it, but you know you will be glad you did afterwards.

While sitting here in my Monday “funk”, I started thinking of things I could have done to have made my day better, and things I could still do to help my day along. This is what I came up with.

Here are some of my tips on how to make today a GREAT one and how to help prevent the Monday Blues (or any workday blues) in the future.


This is particularly a hard one for me. I am a night owl, but I have to wake up at 4:30 am every morning. This takes discipline but you should always try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.


Get everything ready to go the night before. You don’t know how much stress it will take off you when you don’t have to worry about finding clothes to wear or whether you forgot to grab your lunch.

When everything is ready and set near the door it is much easier to get up, get ready and go without the last-minute panic before you sprint out the door.

Work Out

It doesn’t have to be a hard work out. Just do something to get your blood moving and the endorphins going.

Take a Nap

If you can, take a nap in the middle of the day. It will make you feel far more refreshed and motivated for the second half of your day.

Dress to Impress

It is really easy to just grab the first thing you see in your closet and go. But, I know that it makes me feel much better during the day if I feel put together when I arrive at work after the weekend.

Those days that I roll in with no makeup and hair up, my day usually feels how I’m sure I look.

Read an Inspirational Book, a Devotional, or the Bible

Don’t underestimate the effects of a good inspirational book. If you pick a book that appeals to you, it can get your heart pumping and your mind excited about what you will accomplish that day. Motivation is key to having a better day.

For me, as a Christian, most of my days go far better once I spend that time with God in the morning. Helps me relax, focus and brings peace of mind knowing the day is in His hands.

Drink Water

We don’t realize how much our body needs water till we start drinking more of it. It energizes you, helps your body function properly, gives you that healthy glow, etc.

Just like food, you need water. After all, it does make up more than half of our bodies.

Just like a car, you can technically run your car on low oil, but it will take a toll on your engine and can eventually destroy it.

Take Breaks

It is really easy to work yourself too hard, especially when there are deadlines and an over abundance of work to be done.

15 minute breaks, every hour or two, can help keep you from burning out and keep you working at your best.

A good way to use that time is to sit with your eyes closed and keeping your mind free of any thoughts. This can help relax you and stay relaxed for the rest of your day.

Keep your Home Tidy

Whether we realize it or not, a cluttered home or room affects us negatively. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but the less clutter you have, the better you feel.

Plus, it will help you get out the door in the morning because you won’t be spending an hour looking through the mess to find your keys…

Make Yourself at Home at Work

What I like to do is to try to make myself feel as (appropriately) comfortable as I can at work. Makes working a bit more enjoyable.

I will typically make myself a nice warm mug (not a paper or to-go cup) of coffee or tea. Having the mug itself makes me feel more at home than it would if it were in a paper cup.

Listen to Music

Assuming your job allows listening to music, make a playlist of your favorite artists or songs to listen to during the day. Makes the day more entertaining and seemingly faster.

Eat Healthy Foods

When you eat junk, you feel sluggish, slow, and tired. When you eat healthier options like salads, turkey or chicken, whole wheat grains, etc, you feel much better physically and mentally.


What do you do to beat the Monday Blues? I love hearing other people’s methods on making their days more enjoyable.


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