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Relaxing Weekend Ideas



I haven’t been able to have a truly relaxing weekend in about a month. This is my first weekend in which I have no obligations (except for one).

I have free reign over the next 2 days and I am super stoked about it!

My dare for YOU is to have a relaxing weekend as well! We all need to relax once in a while, for our health and wellness (and sanity).

Here are my ideas for this weekend that you should try too!

*Fun fact that I just heard on the radio. Most of us are so busy that we only relax 36 minutes a day.

Relaxing Weekend Ideas


Tidy up!

I know this probably doesn’t sound like a form of relaxation, but you can’t truly relax if your home it cluttered.

It doesn’t have to be a full deep clean. Just do a quick 15 minute clean up; enough to make your home look visually appealing. Trust me, it will make all the difference.

Go out for Breakfast

It’s nice to have people serving you for a change. It isn’t too often that you get the opportunity to sit, RELAX, and just enjoy your time with family.

Move a bit

If it is a beautiful sunny day, take a walk around a local college campus or a nice little park.

I grew up walking around the University of Oregon campus. It is so beautiful and green. Very tranquil, especially on the weekends.

If it isn’t sunny, I like to just walk around the mall and window shop. Take a few laps and dream of all the things that are now on your wish list.

Watch your favorite show

Generally, we are too busy to watch our favorite shows. They pile up, uncontrollably, in our DVR.

Depending on my mood and the weather, I’m content with just watching a few episodes. Other days, I just want to binge watch!

Take on your hobby

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the free time you have. For me, my hobby is BLOGGING! What is yours?

If you don’t have one, pick one!

Put your phone away for a couple of hours

If you can, just turn it off. Leave it alone! You’d be surprised at how much stress relief you will have by not checking your phone constantly.


Head to your local Barnes & Noble

I find it very relaxing looking through the plethora of books and skimming through the pages. I find that looking through these books inspire me to cook, tackle a DIY or craft, travel, etc.

It typically inspires my next activity for the day!

Some of the Barnes & Nobles have a coffee shop inside their store. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and read one of the books that stood out to you.

Go to dinner (if breakfast didn’t break the bank)

I love going out to eat, especially for dinner. For me it is like an event! It’s an opportunity to dress up and feel a bit pampered, which is always relaxing.

Plus, having a couple of drinks can help you relax, too ! 😉

These ideas will probably only take up one of your weekend days, giving you another day to catch up on all the things you are behind on! Good plan right?!

What are you plans for the weekend? Let me know and comment with any tips or activities you find relaxing on the weekend. I always love to hear back from you!


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