How to Adapt your Makeup Routine for Summer


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Summer is coming very quickly! The first day of summer is on June 20th, to be exact. Soon you will have the beautiful, luminous tan that you wish you could sport all year-long.

Unfortunately, with the change in your skin color, summer also means you will either have to buy a new shade of foundation or go bare face.

If you’re one to never leave the house without makeup, buying a brand new foundation could work for you. I’ve heard many people suggest buying a new shade, in the summer, to fit your darker skin.

The downside of this method is you never truly know how tan you are going to be during the summer. Perfectly matching your skin will be impossible.Your skin will become tanner or lighter depending on your sun exposure during the day.

If you choose not to buy a new foundation and you just need help keeping a “flawless” face, below is a list of methods adapting your makeup routine for summer.

In my opinion, these practices give you more control over the color and look of your face.

Mix in a Liquid Bronzer

Add a liquid bronzer to your current foundation. This allows you to adjust the color based on how tan or light your skin is.

An added bonus is that bronzer will give you that sun-kissed look. PERFECT for summer!

I spoke to a cosmetician at Ulta, and she recommended using Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer From Benefit Cosmetics.

Use a BB Cream or CC Cream (tinted moisturizer) 

For those of you that don’t know, BB stands for Beauty Balm. This method is a bit more forgiving than a foundation. It gives you a slight pigment, but is easily blend-able and offers moisturizing benefits, which is important during the dry summer days.

CC cream, stands for Color Corrector. Like the BB cream, it is also a tinted moisturizer.

One specific CC cream I have recently used is the Your Skin But Better CC Cream by IT Cosmetics. It adjusts to your face’s PH to best match your skin color. It also contains SPF +50 which is ideal for protecting your face from the sun.

Apply Bronzer

I’ve heard this tip a lot. Applying bronzer on top of your foundation, gives you a bit of color but also gives you control over where and how much color will develop on your face.

This allows you to use your current foundation, and can help in creating a more subtle transition from the skin tone of your body to the color of your face.

Tip: NEVER apply bronzer to your whole face. You will end up looking dirty.. Leave the middle of your face alone!

Use a Damp Beauty Blender

When you apply your foundation with a damp beauty blender or makeup sponge, it applies a more sheer coverage than with using a foundation brush. This will help your natural tan shine through.

If you don’t have a makeup sponge and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can easily pick up an inexpensive one at Target.

Set Your Face

Setting your face is very important in keeping your makeup from smudging or moving. Using a translucent setting powder will adhere to your foundation and create a sort of seal.

Setting your makeup is very beneficial in the summer, especially if you live in a very hot and/or humid climate. The powder holds your makeup in place for a longer period of time.

A plus is that the translucency won’t alter the color of your already applied makeup.

Most translucent powders have the same or similar formula as others. My suggestion, when purchasing a powder, is to choose the one that is the best bang for your buck.

I recently discovered Maybelline’s FaceStudio Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder. I have no complaints so far and it does the job.

However, I have heard great things about the RCMA No Color Powder. It works really well for all skin types and it is only $12 for a 3oz container.

If you really don’t want that makeup to move, use the translucent powder to BAKE YOUR FACE.

Use a Hydrating Facial Spray

This can be used over your makeup or before. It will give that dewy, healthy look to your face as well as help keep your face hydrated throughout the day.

If you’re bare facing it, just spray it over your recently cleansed face. Your skin will stay moisturized and appear healthier.

If you want to splurge, try Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. It’s a bit expensive, but I’ve been told it is worth the money. I personally wasn’t ready to spend that much, especially since I had just purchased a bunch of new makeup.

I ALMOST bought Benefit Cosmetics Ultra-Radiance Facial Rehydrating Mist but, again, I had spent enough money for one day. It is half the price of Tatcha’s, smells great and feels super hydrating.

Use Vaseline for Your Eyelashes

If you don’t normally use mascara or just feel like going with a more natural look, take a clean mascara wand and apply a small amount of Vaseline to your lashes. Apply it just like you would a mascara. It will separate, lift, and define your lashes.

The Vaseline will also hydrate your lashes. The act of hydrating them will leave them less brittle and keep them from falling out prematurely. This will actually help make your lashes look fuller and longer, over time, because you won’t be shedding as many lashes.


Use a highlighter to highlight your cheeks, tip of your nose, cupid’s bow, and above the eye brow. This will, again, give you that summer glow.

You can use a matte highlighter, but I would suggest a shimmer highlighter for the summer. The shimmer just gives it an extra oomph!


What are some tips you have for transitioning your makeup to summer? Are there specific products or brands you like to use? Let me know in the comments!


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