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Review: Morphe Brushes, Too Faced Bronzer & Benefit’s Rehydration Mist

My last beauty purchase was NOT disappointing. I purchased 3 Morphe brushes, Too Faced blushing bronzer, and Benefits Hydrating mist.

I’ve been using all of these item for a several weeks now, and have built a very positive opinion on all of them.

I’m going to jump right in to reviewing the Morphe brushes. Having not used Morphe brushes before, I wanted to give my opinion on the company and the brushes as a whole.

Morphe Brush Review

As a whole, I am very happy with the brushes I received from Morphe Brushes. They feel sturdy, of good quality, and are inexpensive!

The brushes arrived very well packaged and taken care of and they arrived within their 2 to 7 day shipping parameters (it was killing me to have to wait that long to try them out).

The only negative thing I have to say is that they aren’t available in any stores outside of Burbank, California. I am one that doesn’t like to wait for my products to be shipped, so that made it difficult for me.

Therefore, unless you live or have a trip planned to Burbank California, shipping is the only option in buying Morphe brushes. However, the price (especially if you buy a lot of brushes at once) is well worth it for the quality you are getting from Morphe.

I have heard nothing but good things about Morphe, and I couldn’t agree more. I expect we may be hearing more and more about them in the near future. My one hope is that they expand to other stores!

Here are reviews of the brushes broken down individually.

Morphe M439 Delux Buffer Synthetic $13.99

This brush is so great! It is dense and sturdy. I have been using this brush for applying my IT Cosmetics CC cream, to my face. The brush spreads the product very well, but I think it would be better used for foundation instead of a CC cream.

Again, this Morphe buffer brush feels sturdy and of good quality. I’m not afraid of loosing any of the hairs and having them stick to my face (which was a problem for me with previous brushes). 5 Stars!

Morphe M527 Pointed Powder Brush Goat hair $15.99

This brush is wonderfully soft! I love this brush. It is so fluffy and full, probably because it is made out of goat’s hair.

I have been using the powder brush for my bronzer recently. It works very well in applying my bronzer because, since it is made with real hair, it holds on to the product and makes you work harder to apply it to your face.

Having a brush that “steals” your product, isn’t usually a good thing. But, with the bronzer, it works well because you have more control over the amount of bronzer applied. The last thing you want is a big heavy blotch of bronzer on both sides of your face.

Morphe M432 Flat Liner Definer Synthetic $3.99

This brush is great for applying shadow to your upper and lower lash line. It’s very straight, thin, and precise. No hairs pointing in all different directions!

I love the look of a bold color eye-shadow lining the lower lash line and this brush is perfect for the initial application.

Moving on to Makeup!

Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer $30.00

I hadn’t looked at any reviews before purchasing the Too Faced bronzer. I walked into Sephora, on my lunch, looking for a bronzer or a good blush to purchase.

I ran in to this little gem and was immediately attracted to it. Generally, in the summer, women are looking to wear less makeup while still looking flawless. This is perfect for reducing the amount of makeup applied, while still looking put together.

I’ve been using this for several weeks now and I LOVE IT! I’ve been lightly applying it to my cheeks with one swipe (for the blush look), and buffing the rest around the edges of my face and forehead (for bronzing).

The Blushing bronzer gives you that summer kissed look as well as giving you a slight healthy pink undertone. Be careful though. If you apply too generously, your face will look like you broke out in a pink rash! I found that out yesterday…

Benefit’s Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydration Mist $26.00

I mentioned the Re-hydration spray in my How to Adapt your Makeup Routine for Summer post. The spray smells sooooo good; sort of like cucumbers.

The Re-hydration spray does just that. It assists in sealing and moisturizing your skin. I’ve mostly been using it over my makeup to give it a more healthy, dewy look rather than a dry matte finish.

I love the smell and how it makes my face feel. It helps in making my skin feel more natural, rather than caked with makeup. I also like being able to use it throughout the day to freshen up my makeup.

You can also use the spray on recently cleansed skin, through out the day, and/or with your face lotion to boost the moisturizing power of your lotion.
What do you think of these products? Have you used any of them? Do you have products you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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