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My Top 7 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix this Summer

Happy 4th of July!

I love to binge watch. Having the ability to just sit back and watch show after show is a bit more satisfying than waiting for a new episode every week.

Binge watching now, is so much different than what I use to do 7 years ago! But, even back in the day, I would still buy each season of Gilmore Girls, as they first hit store shelves and watch episode after episode.

Today, I am sharing some of my top 8 Netflix show suggestions to binge watch this summer. The shows I am sharing are ones I, myself, have watched/binge watched in the past.

1. Gilmore Girls

Star Lauren Graham made the announcement when she visited 'Ellen.'

Gilmore Girls is about a single mother and daughter, who are more friends than anything. The mother, Lorelei, became pregnant at 16 and ran away from the “well-to-do” life of her family. The show shares the two’s life in their little town of Stars Hollow.

If you know me, I love this show! It is somewhat of a “girlie” show, however I do have men in my life that say they really enjoy the humor.

It is very witty, funny and light. It doesn’t dive too hard into drama, but it still keeping you interested with their funny story lines and mannerisms.

I completely recommend at least watching the first few episodes before you judge it.

2. Pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars New Intro

Four high school friend’s lives are turned around when their friend Alyson goes missing. They then begin receiving messages from a mysterious person called “A”, one year later. They think it might be Alyson, but this “A” is a little bit more ruthless.

I recommend this show because I personally became addicted to trying to figure out who “A” was! Before I knew it I was hooked. This one definitely makes you want to watch episode after episode as it keeps making you wonder, “WHO IS ‘A’!”

3. One Tree Hill

one tree hill turns 10 'One Tree Hill' celebrates 10 years since Season 1: 10 episodes to re watch a decade later

Two half brothers share the same drive and interest in basketball, as well as the same father. However, Lucas was abandoned by their father and Nathan was raised by him.

Lucas spends his time playing basketball in the park, while Nathan is a promising captain of their High School basketball team, the Ravens.

There has been an avoidance between the two “families” for the majority of their lives, until the High school coach approaches Lucas about joining the Raven’s team.

This is more of a drama. I liked it mostly because I could relate (having been in high school when it came out). But it is interesting watching there lives unfold, and there are plenty of interesting story lines to follow.

If you like that high school drama, you will like One Tree Hill.

4. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope is a public official working in the parks and recreation department of the government. She is very proud of the parks and rec department and of her town Pawnee, Indiana. The show follows the life of Leslie and her close friends and colleagues as they work to better their local parks.

This is another show that is just full of humor and very unique characters. It is sort of filmed like the office as in there are side interviews and narration of the characters within the show.

I found my self laughing without fail at each episode. I loved the clever witty humor and the entertaining story line. If you’re looking for humor, this is the show to watch.
5. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing (TV show)  Jonathan Adams, Jordan Masterson, Flynn Morrison, Amanda Fuller, Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Molly Ephraim, Kaitlyn Dever, Christoph Sanders and Hector Elizondo (from left)

Tim Allen…need I say more?

This show is about a father living in a female dominant family. He works as the Director of Marketing at a renownd outdoor sports shop (akin to our Cabellas).

The best I can describe this show is that it gives you that good old American “home-ie” feeling, along with plenty of humor. With the length of the episodes only 30 minutes, it makes sitting through the shows less of a time investment, if you don’t want it to be.

If you enjoyed Home Improvement, the show that started Tim Allen’s career, you will love Last Man Standing.

6. The Walking Dead

File:The walking dead render season 1 fan poster by twdmeuvicio-d7gesr3.png

The Walking dead is about some sort of unexplained “outbreak” that brings people back from the dead, only now they are hungry for the living.

Sounds like every other zombie movie, right? WRONG! This show takes their unfortunate predicament and makes it feel realistic. It displays an example of what could happen  if our world/country collapsed as the result of a major global catastrophe.

The best part (minus the very beginning) is that they don’t just focus on the “walkers”. Of coarse it is a main focus initially, as it is the reason why they are in their situation, but it focuses on how they react, how their characters change, and what they are willing to do to survive.

…and lastly….

7. IT Crowd

Jen, Moss, and Roy make up the IT department in a big corporate company. The 3 of them are tucked away in the basement, hidden away from the rest of the company. The show follows the 2 socially awkward men and their antics, while Jen tries to manage them.

I was introduced to this show by my husband, now I can’t imagine never having seen it! It is a British comedy full of hilarious story lines and unique characters.

There so many humorous anecdotes that I found my self referencing them almost daily! I insist that you at least watch one or two episodes. It will change your life…maybe not to that extreme but trust me!

It is one of the most funny shows I have ever seen. Definitely worth the binge watch.

What shows do you like to binge watch? Let me know! I love discovering new shows!

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21 thoughts on “My Top 7 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix this Summer

  1. Love the It Crowd such a good show ! Just finished Binge watching the last season of Orange is the New Black and now Devious Maids. Both are pretty good 🙂 !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such a funny show! Ive been wanting to watch Orange is the New Black but haven’t had the chance. I saw an episode or 2 of Devious Maids and that looked like a really good too.

      Thanks for reading!


    1. All great shows! My husband just finished the latest season of The 100 on Netflix. I wasn’t sure I would like it but it was pretty good!
      Thanks for sharing your picks! I’ll have to check those out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. IT Crowd is so good! I’ve been thinking of rewatching it ever since people compared the Game of Thrones finale to an iconic scene from the series ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol I haven’t heard that comparision. Maybe I’ll have to re-watch it now to see what they are talking about. I could completely watch that show over and over again. Thanks for reading!


  3. HI, Molly! Nice write up. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the health benefits of green tea. Nice to sip while binge-watching.


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