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Try Something New Series: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Yesterday, having never heard of Nitro Coffee before, I came across 2 coffee shops advertising a Nitro Cold Brew. Of coarse, I had to try it!

Nitro Coffee looks and is served much like a beer, stored in a keg and poured from a tap. The coffee is infused with Nitrogen (hence “Nitro” coffee), much like a soft-drink would be poured from a soda machine.

It isn’t clear to me exactly where or when this serving method was introduced. It does seem to have emerged sometime in 2012. When presented, it mirrors the look of a freshly poured stout, with an inch or so of foam on top.

What is so great about this form of iced coffee? Infusing the brew with nitrogen and pouring it from a tap, gives it a crisper, sweeter, and creamier taste, so they say.

The Nitro Coffee is said to pack a bigger PUNCH of caffeine. The reason could be that the coffee-to-water ratio is greater. Another theory is that the Nitrogen increases the absorption of the caffeine.

But I will need to try it for myself…so here it goes!!

I went to Starbucks to try my first Nitro Brew. however they don’t have them available everywhere yet. Their website says that about 500 stores will carry Nitro Coffee by the end of this Summer. 

My thoughts…

I liked the Nitro Cold Brew, but I was not overly enthusiastic about it. When contemplating what it would taste like, I imagined a creamy latte like taste that was slightly sweet, as if it had a sugar packet already added to it.

Though it wasn’t quite what I imagined, it still was very smooth and had a great coffee taste without the pungent flavor that comes with drinking normal black coffee.

My first couple sips were without cream or any sweetener (the way it is intended to be drank). Since the Nitro Brew was smoother than black coffee, I could have drank it straight. Would I choose to drink it that way?…probably not. After my couple sips, I chose to add 2 packets of Splenda to it.

It came cold, with no added ice, which I liked. The brew was farley refreshing.

The caffeine definitely felt like it affected me faster, much like straight espresso. I’m glad I only bought an 8oz.

Overall, I enjoyed the Nitro Cold Brew. However, it is somewhat expensive; almost $4 for an 8 oz cup.

If your not a straight/regular brew drinker, I wouldn’t recommend it. But, if you are a coffee purest or just need a quick jolt of caffeine…this coffee is for you!

Since I live in “Coffeeland!!” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Portlandia), I wanted to share some other cool new iced coffees and where they are served locally, here in Portland.

What do you think about Nitro Coffee? Have you tried it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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