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4 Changes I Made to Bring Youth Back to My Face

Before you roll your eyes at me, I know I’m only 25. I’m not saying that I was looking “old”. But what I had been sporting was, what I call, a haggard look. My face appeared tired all the time, my skin looked worn and dull, my very fine wrinkles seemed to be amplified, and I was breaking out like crazy.

I think quite a few of us can relate to this experience, with how “go-go-go” our culture is. The lack of sleep and our constantly busy lives can take the healthy glow right out of our faces.

I was fed up with feeling older than I was and chose to do something about it. So, today, I am going to share the 4 changes I made to bring life back to my face.

1. Toner


Here’s a quick blurb about toners. The purpose of a toner is to balance your faces pH, shrink pores, hold in moisture, and remove any dirt and makeup left behind after cleansing (6 Reasons Why You Should Use Facial Toner).

I never really used toner before and didn’t really know their purpose. The one I did use was alcohol based and dried up my skin. But, in researching ways to better my skin, the word toner started popping up. So I researched good brands and decided to try it.

First, I started using a DIY Apple Cider Vinegar toner. After a month of major breakouts, the ACV cleared them up almost instantly! I then chose to compare, in another post, the Origins™ A Perfect World™ Age-defense Treatment Lotion with White Tea.

It was amazing! At this point, I would swear by the Origin’s toner (yes I know it says lotion, but trust me it is a toner). Not only is it natural, but it helped remove makeup and dirt from my pores, it moisturizes, and claims to create a barrier protecting your face from the elements; all good things!

The reason why the toner is important for your skin health is that it greatly reduces the amount of dirt buildup on your face, which cause pimples and can greatly age you.

2. Water

Water is necessary for your body to function. When your body is functioning better from hydration, you can imagine what it can do for your skin.

By hydrating and drinking enough water, for your activity level, the result will make your face look plumper, it helps support skin’s collagen, and even reduces breakouts (Drinking Water for Better Skin).

I didn’t know it, but I had been very dehydrated for probably over a year or more. They say you are supposed to have 8 glasses of water per day. Well that completely depends on your activity level (Water Intake Calculator).

I recently started doing this nutrition plan. When speaking to the nutritionist, he told me that with my activity level (about an hour and 15 minutes of cardio and weights) I should be drinking 4 Liters of water per day. That is about 136 oz and much more water than I thought I needed.

When I began rehydrating my body, I absolutely could tell my skin was thirsty. My skin tone started looking more even, healthy, and more plump (in a good way). My wrinkles and bumps were much softer in appearance. I started to feel my age again!

3. Face Lotion w/ Glycolic Acid

While continuing to promote my new healthy glow, I was looking for a new face moisturizer to help aid in moisturizing and prevent aging. The biggest issue for me is these forehead wrinkles that I have from being very “expressive”.

When I asked a cosmetician at Sephora about my forehead, she told me that it may be mostly texture. Then she directed me to bocia’s Sake Balm. I love this stuff!

This moisturizer acts like a peal, which sounds scary, but they use Glycolic Acid (which is derived from cane sugar) to gently exfoliate your skin. The result is that the Sake Balm reduces hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of wrinkles.

I immediately noticed the difference in my forehead and my whole face. My skin looked brighter and more dewy. I feel that was a big key factor in making my skin look healthier again. I still have slight “fine lines” on my face, but it is far more smooth and my lines are far less defined.

4. SLEEP!!!

Like water, sleep is essential for your overall health. It also greatly affects the look and age of your skin. Without sleep, you are far more likely to age faster than having 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping less than recommended can produce twice as many wrinkles and makes your face look puffy and droopy.

With sleep, your skin produces collagen, your face heals better at night, and skin products work better. Blood flow is also increased to your face. This creates that “glow” and helps fill in those wrinkles (The Truth About Beauty Sleep).

This one was a hard for me. I typically am a night owl and love to stay up while everyone is asleep. As you probably could guess, staying up late resulted in circles around my eyes, a droopy face, dehydrated looking skin, and more defined lines; not cute!

Once I forced myself to sleep that 8 hours it made such a difference to not only my face, but my overall attitude. I not only looked more bright and awake, I felt it!


Let me know what you think of the 4 things I changed to bring youth back to my face. I would love to hear how they worked for you or what products you swear by! I am always looking to try new things.

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15 thoughts on “4 Changes I Made to Bring Youth Back to My Face

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’ve heard so many good things about Aloe Vera. Once I actually made my own tinted moisturizer with foundation, Aloe Vera, and face lotion. It really made my face feel great and hydrated!
      Thanks for reading!

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    1. Recently I’ve been using the Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening cleanser. But I’m not sure if I like it. I received a sample of the FRESH Soy Face Cleansing Milk which I really like so far. It’s less soap like and smells like cucumbers. Thanks for reading!

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