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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: 5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women


My friends and I are going to a Halloween Ball tonight and, of course, it is a costume party. If you’re anything like me, I bet you often find yourself at a loss for what to dress up as for Halloween. You are trying to be original, but you don’t want to break the bank either. It is even harder when you’ve procrastinated choosing your costume till the very last minute (as I frequently do). Now there is only an hour before the party and you have NO COSTUME!

In looking for inspiration for my Halloween costume, I came across a lot of great tutorials; many of which are SUPER easy, or at least less complicated then drawing a whole mural on your face.

I wanted to share with you 5 of the Halloween costume ideas that I came across. These looks can be easy on there own or you can alter them to fit your budget and the supplies you have on hand.

If anything, I hope they inspire you to create your own versions or to morph them into something completely different! Share in the comments what you guys think of these looks!


It may look hard, but it seems pretty easy. This look is what I plan to wear tomorrow night. The best part is you can alter it based on your preference, what you can afford, and what makeup you have on hand.


This one looks crazy easy but has a huge impact. That’s the power of makeup! A bunch of squiggly lines and black lipstick get’s you this awesome vampire affect.


Yes I know it is showing 2 other costumes, but I wanted to share the mummy idea. It is super cute and super easy. Just buy a bunch of gauze and improvise from there. The others featured in this video aren’t too hard either: Old Hollywood, Bank Robber and Mean Girl.


This look is amazing if you are trying to get that skull look we’ve been seeing everywhere. You don’t have to be artistic to do this look. Simply draw lines, add some contouring, and some heavy eye shadow.


This is so cute! Extremely simple to re-create. This is for the girl who wants to be more cutsie than scary. I think this is a great last minute idea!


Here are some other tutorials that may not be simple, but I felt were worth mentioning.

Melting Skull

Joker Suicide Squad

Cruella de Vil


What do you guys think of these tutorials? Let me know if you re-created some of these and how it went!

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