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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

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Hello all!

It can be really hard to find ways to motivate yourself to exercise. There are so many excuses we can make, all of which sound reasonable. I definitely have struggled with this myself.

Today, I’d like to share some tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise. Some of this tips were provided by my Instagram friends! Show them your appreciation and give them a follow. There names are listed next to their tip.

Buy new workout gear  –

Thanks The Jen Project for the tip!

This is always a great motivator for me. Plus, you can find fairly inexpensive gear at your local Ross or T.J. Maxx. Usually when I have new workout attire, it creates a desire to get out and be active. When you have new gear that makes you feel good about yourself, you are more inspired and inclined to go out and show of your new digs!

Dedicate a designated workout time

More often then not, if I wait to go workout till I’m “ready” I tend to skip the workout all together. Commit to a specific time to head to the gym. When you train yourself or plan a specific time to workout every day, you will more likely follow through.

Don’t think to hard

Often when I talk myself out of heading to the gym or going for a run, it’s because I have allowed myself to think too much about it. I will think about how much discomfort I will be in, how gross and sweaty I will feel, or I will think too much about what I will do in the workout itself. Just shut your brain off and GO!

Find something you enjoy –

Thanks aestheticdistance for the tip!

It is a whole lot easier to workout if you enjoy what you are doing. If you enjoy nature, go for a hike or a walk. If you like using your strength and feeling fatigued after a workout, lift weights. If you like to dance and be around other people, do Zumba. There are so many different options out there to choose from; some of which you can even do at home!

Workout with other people

There are some people that enjoy just zoning out and working out by themselves. But often times it makes working out more enjoyable and inspirational if you have others that are toughing it out with you. If you surround yourself with people that have the same or similar goals as you, it will inspire you to follow through with your own.

Limit how much you weigh yourself

Don’t weigh yourself multiple times in a day. Limit yourself to once a week or twice a month.

Recently, the battery in my scale went out and I kept putting off replacing the battery for various reasons. I was forced to not think about my weight and to simply go with how my body felt. I found that without weighing myself, I started feeling better and even feeling like I looked better. Removing the stress of the scale kept me from obsessing over the number.

Remember the hard work you’ve done and how great you feel after –

Thanks bloggingprettythingsx and faedecor for the tip!

The quote that I think about the most is that “you never regret working out but you almost always regret not working out”. When ever I don’t want to workout, that quote flashes in my head. Then I begin to think about how much better I feel after a good workout and how badly I feel when I skip them. When I skip a workout I don’t feel as good or I just don’t feel good.

Create and inspiration Board

Put together and inspiration board. Having something visual to look at is a great reminder of where we want and could be. The visual makes it easier to inspire yourself to achieve your goal because you can picture it. Your board can consist of anything that inspires you.

Everyone’s inspirations are different. If it inspires you to see pictures of fit people, that is great! If it motivates you to look at pictures of parents running around with there children, then put that on  your board. If words inspire you, find some motivational quotes.

Wear your workout clothes prior to workout –

Thanks chrystal_green for the tip!

If you work out in the morning, go to bed with your workout gear on. It makes it far easier to just hop out of bed then to have to think about what your will workout in. If you workout later in the day, put your gear on an hour or 2 before you actually work out. Already being ready to workout will get you out the door faster and easier.

What do you do to motivate you to work out? Share with me your ideas in the comments!
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