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Le Tote Update

So I did it! I signed up for Le Tote, the clothing rental website. When I posted about it before, I was over the moon! {For previous post, click here} I’ve mellowed a bit after doing a bit of research.

When I wrote the blog post on Le Tote, I thought that they were sending brand new clothes. It may seem obvious to most people, but I just thought they were probably making enough money with subscriptions that they could afford to send people new clothing then donate the used ones. So I continued my research.

I looked up some reviews and I saw a mixed bag. There were quite a few good reviews on the site. I heard that they were wonderful, the items are well taken care of, shipping was prompt, etc. Others said that the clothes had clearly been worn and one of the bracelets they received had a broken clasp. In seeing the different reviews, I decided to look to see what other clothing rental places there were. There was one I liked called Rent the Runway. It had a bit higher end clothing, but the price wasn’t right. $139 dollars just seemed a little steep when the clothing was used and you don’t get to keep anything without paying more. There was Stitch Fix which isn’t really a rental site. It sends you unused items that you can choose to buy. There were some others, but those are the 2 that stood out.

In the end, I decided to take the leap and go for Le Tote. With the good amount of positive reviews and the fact the cost is pretty low, I figured it was worth the try. Plus, they are probably a lot more well taken care of then some of the clothes in the past that I’ve bought from other consignment stores. But what really made my choice was that they sent me a 1/2 off code for my 1st month. How can you go wrong with that?

So I should be receiving my 1st box within the next 3 to 4 days. I’m excited to see how this subscriptions goes.

I appreciate your comments and feel free to follow my blog if you like what you read.

LE TOTE – Clothing JACKPOT!!!

Le Tote Reviews


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